It only matters what works for you.


Someone brilliant in my circle started using the term ‘one rat study’ to sum up the experience of someone who is on a journey to finding their own health. Because you have to find your own way to health. The modern medical machine can’t help you. Modern, western medicine is very concerned with sickness, not wellness. Disease, not health. Drugs, not therapies. All the studies and research in the world can only tell you what worked, on average, for some number of people. Nothing can tell you exactly what will work for you except to try the thing covered in the study and see if it does, in fact, work that way for you. If it doesn’t, all the research and correlation and data isn’t ever GOING to make it work for you, and you need to move on and try something else, no matter the prevailing opinion of the media, your doctor, or your mother.

Be your own rat. Try things. Experiment. Learn to hear what your body and your intuition tell you. Find your own way to health.


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  1. Thanks for getting ‘out there’ to help people live a conscious life by taking their power back in the area of their health. Be the voice, Pamela!


  2. I totally agree. We are all unique. But very few people treat themselves like a lab rat. They make subjective and inconsistent observations about themselves and don’t necessarily learn anything actionable. The thing to do, maybe, is to place oneself under strict conditions, noting one variable at a time and for long enough periods to make certain one’s findings provide the basis of a viable hypothesis. That’s just the beginning; then experiments have to be repeated, extended, altered in order to be able to earn a fact about yourself that you can take to the bank. It’s not easy–life’s not a sealed-off laboratory– but the results could be priceless.

  3. Thanks for commenting Andy! I agree that the average person doesn’t look at their personal situation with a scientific eye, but I do wonder if it isn’t in some way trained out of us. Medical evaluations and study results are handed down as if from on-high. As a society we are no longer trained to self evaluation and implementing critical thinking. It usually takes a significant problem to jolt people out of buying into the mainstream law of averages.

    I hope you’ll stop by next week when I post about my own first one rat study.

  4. I like it! Hi!! Looking forward to your one-rat experiments. 🙂

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