It only matters what works for you.

Scary things.

I think taking beautiful boudoir pictures of a plus sized woman and projecting them on the streets of NY is probably a pretty scary thing to do. There is a short video in the article that I recommend watching. I couldn’t get it to embed here, silly wordpress.

I am gratified to see that she got a lot of very positive comments on both her bravery and her beauty. I think this might just indicate a bit of a shift in society. Maybe it’s a shift underground, and only those who are part of it can see it, but success of things like her art, and model Tess Holliday are very encouraging to me. I’d love to see a world where people can be people, and not card board cutouts of conformity.

As much as I’d like to think it’s 100% about my own brand of sexy, I know that this says something much larger: Clearly, people want to see more images of plus-size women in the mainstream media. They want to see more realistic representations, which includes sexy ones. Here’s hoping the media takes note.


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