It only matters what works for you.

After beloved husband had his cardiac bypass, he was ordered to go on a low fat diet. Fair enough. We adjusted our long time low carb ways according to the doctors specifications. He has a food tracker on his phone and he relentlessly enters data. Eggs were replaced with a high fiber cereal. He added even more salads for lunch, more salmon for dinner, crackers and nuts replaced cheese and sausage for snacks… All the right things. His calories and his macro ratios are perfect.

He also spent three months in a supervised exercise program, building him up slowly, making sure nothing over-strained the new arteries. He’s getting more exercise than he has in years.

And he’s sleeping! Eight solid, enviable hours a night. More than he’s ever had. And a lot of studies show that lack of sleep can definitely contribute to a weight issue.

So he’s dotted all the ‘i’s’ and crossed his ‘t’s’.

Oh, and he’s gaining weight.

That’s right, I said gaining.

So much for calories in, calories out.

Of course we have a revised plan. But seriously? How is this even possible? He’s very disheartened. I’m sad for him. It’s always been my lot in life, but I didn’t mean to drag him along with me.

Egg white omelettes, here we come.


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