It only matters what works for you.

Sleep envy

20160621_201948Now that beloved husband has his cpap machine, he does the strangest thing.

He sleeps. All night.

He almost never even has to get up for the  bathroom. He just puts on his head gear, turns on the magic machine, and sleeps.

All night.

He’s getting about an hour less sleep than he’s ever needed before, and consistently wakes himself up at his designated time.

Seriously, it’s bizarre.

We’ve been sharing a bed for 17 years, and I’ve always had plenty of company for my nightly wanderings and endless rolling over. Now it’s just me.

It has been very interesting to see how much of my night time restlessness was caused by his night time restlessness. The answer is, quite a lot, but not even close to all of it. I apparently was quite bothered by his inclination to stop breathing on and off all night, but I have more than enough issues of my own still ensuring not-quite-restful sleep.

I’m not sure I realized how bad mine was, until I watched him do all this…sleeping.

One more week until my sleep specialist appointment.


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