It only matters what works for you.

My beloved had heart surgery over the holidays. He’s all recovered now and doing very well. He’s attending his supervised exercise program to insure his physical recovery and his ability to achieve the recommended permanent changes to his activity level. He’s assiduously watching his food intake for all the categories his cardiologist is concerned in.

So, he’s exercising more than he has in years, he’s lowered his fats, he’s well below the calorie intake recommended for his size, age, and activity level, and after 6 weeks, he’s already stopped losing weight.

Yes, I know all the responses here. It won’t be linear, his body has to readjust, he’s adding muscle. There’s another line of responses, he’ll need to keep adjusting his calories down, his exercise up, maybe he shouldn’t eat this or that or the other thing…

It’s a little ridiculous. I don’t think something that works should be quite so easy to derail.

And then there’s the fact that since he’s lost 10% of his body weight, he’s considered a major success.

They rarely tell you that, those diet plans, how little you can truly expect to lose. They often don’t share statistics about how well participants generally keep it off, or for how long. They don’t even tell you what the true definition of ‘success’ is according to the diet research.

I am considered a success. Because a lot of years ago I lost a bunch of weight, and then I kept more than 50% of it off for more than 5 years. Statistically, a ‘successful’ diet doesn’t mean you got to thin.

This link isn’t so much an article as a commentary, but click on it for the cartoon which I don’t have permission to republish. If you’ve done multiple diets, you’ll know just how this feels.


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