It only matters what works for you.

Another new doctor

I’m very fortunate my insurance lets me pick from a wide array of doctors. In April the doctor I’ve had a good relationship with decided to step back from practice for a while to spend more time with her young children. Good for her. But that meant I had to go doctor shopping again. Always difficult.

My first attempt was a complete failure. I thought maybe I’d do better with someone trained outside the US. The use some different approaches. That could be good. Nope. He was all about the weight loss drugs, and he didn’t listen. I mean he really didn’t listen. I had to remind him twice what my dosage of metformin was, and then he wrote the script wrong anyway. And it took 2 emails and phone call just to get the right dose. He wasn’t disputing the amount I was taking, we just failed utterly at communicating.

But the, I got really lucky. There is a doctors office super close to me. I drove past it every day for 2 years and never even knew it was there. I have no idea how none of the doctors from that practice ever showed up in a search.

So now I have an amazing new doctor. And my husband really likes her too.

When I went in for our new patient  appointment, instead of presenting a written synopsis of my medical history, I just said “So, you’re tuning into this game at half time. What do you want to know?” I think this worked really well to help set new expectations, for both of us. For quite a while I’ve been pretty aggressive with my doctors. I mean, the medical profession, as a general rule, hasn’t really been in my corner. So I think I’ve been adversarial in my interactions with them. Warranted, but now I’m ready for something new and more positive. I thought her questions were good, and I thought her response to my answers was really positive. She didn’t seem at all put off by the explanations, except for the part where I don’t automatically call a doctor when something goes wrong.

I’m hoping that with this new relationship, I can change that.

It’s really hard, and draining, to have health issues and feel that there isn’t anyone you can go to for help. Insurance companies and guidelines have the ones who most want to help hedged in until sometimes they can’t. And there are plenty who just want to shove you in the appropriate box and send you on your way with a prescription.

I’m looking forward to something new.


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