It only matters what works for you.

Your food, I mean.

We’ve been told over and over that if we eat a healthy diet, then we’ll be healthy. I think most of the people who read this know it’s completely untrue, but it persists as a lie. Of course the average person doesn’t do it anyway, so does it really matter?

One idea is that we don’t need to take vitamins if we eat a healthy diet. Hence the war on vitamins and supplements. I’m not sure I really understand the government’s constant attempts to over regulate them. Someone is making money off them right?

Despite my new-found soup way of life I still came down with some severe low iron symptoms. I went through a period where I ate red meat twice a day because I craved it. How much of that was me not absorbing the iron present in the food? Thyroid can cause low stomach acid, as can age, and that would interfere with absorbing the nutrients.

It’s a little gross to discuss, but many people don’t chew nearly enough. Part of that is because our food is more highly processed. It’s also because we rush everything in the US so we’re eating in a hurry. It’s a problem. A friend who had bypass surgery told me that chewing was the number one instruction her doctor gave her as she recovered to make sure she didn’t have problems with regain. I constantly have to remind myself to slow down.

Then of course, there’s the idea that there is no food in our food. That the soils in the US are very depleted by modern farming methods so the trace minerals that we should be getting out of our healthy eating aren’t there to begin with and no amount of chewing and stomach acid will pry them out of food they aren’t in.

Even though I eat mostly organic, with healthy choices, my kitchen table is still covered with various supplements and I can tell you that I notice if I miss even one for more than a day.  Some times I wonder if buying the good stuff in the first place even matters, but then I remember the chemical taste of commercial fruit and remember that it might not be what I do get out of it, it might be what I don’t.


Comments on: "What do you get out of it?" (5)

  1. It’s one thing I love about growing my own

    The soil on my plot isn’t great, it’s going to take years to repair… As I type I’m taking a break from digging chicken manure and ‘green manure’ (clover and other ‘weeds’) into the soil to renew the natural balance. I’ve also added a pile of well rotted wood chips to add ‘humus’ – that water retaining ‘body’ healthy soil needs for all the microbes that gives a good and happy balance to the soil.

    Organic, well grown veg contain more nutrients than intensive farmed produce – especially meat that’s reared slower. But if the soil is depleted then the plants cannot gain nutrients that simply aren’t there and fertilisers may help the plant grow but they don’t provide the effects of a healthy microbe system.

    This is where the old plant rotation and mulching practices are vital.

    • My niece and nephew have just moved into their first home and they have been busily setting up their garden and a chicken coop. She is very invested in providing the best nutrition possible to their 2 year old and she’d determined that growing her own is the way to go. I agree. I’m not in a position to, but I really think that growing your own is the only way to get really nutritious food these days. I buy organic, but I don’t believe that commercial organic is as good as carefully nurtured and tended by someone with time to care.

  2. As usual, you’ve hit the nail right on the head. The more depleted the soil, the more depleted the growing plants. I find it interesting that the National Health Association is in the process of re-determining what is healthy and what is not. Just heard that on the news. Of course, it’s going to take considerable time for them to determine what is what. Confusion abounds. I’m so glad you’re writing about this subject. So many people are unaware that they are poisoning themselves. I thank you for all your support and help, which made me realize what gluten was doing to me! Thanks, my friend.

    • There’s a really great movie about nutrition, Fat Head. It’s done documentary style, but by a comedian. It’s informative, but very funny. All through the movie he’ll make a point that seems crazy and then say “Follow the money” and point out how the money shows various political interests are behind many of the decisions that have turned out to be the most damaging. If only we could put medicine back in the hands of trained doctors and healers rather than the bean counters. Then we might get recommendations that made some kind of sense.

      I’m so glad that gluten free is helping you heal. It’s a nuisance, but it’s so much nicer than feeling awful all the time.

      • I’m going back to your blog to check out the documentary. This is what happens when you’re trying to do too many things at once. You miss out on what’s important.

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