It only matters what works for you.

White coats-Epilog

Yesterday I blogged about the fear of encountering a new doctor. I wanted to come back right away for those following along at home and tell you everything went pretty well.

The doctor was professional with a gentle manner. He let the facts speak for themselves. I was surprised how the appointment went. First let me say that they have double chairs everywhere, so armless seating was not a problem until I got into the actual exam room. I had expected to see the doctor, be sent off with referrals for tests, and have to return, but that’s not what happened. Based on my explanation of the pain they took x-rays first. Very sensible. The nurse who came to take my vitals was very cooperative about waiting to take my blood pressure until the end of the visit, since I always spike beforehand.

There wasn’t an armless chair in the exam room, but I could have sat on the doctor’s stool. Instead I just got up on the table. There was a bit of a wait, but not excessive and when the doctor came in he’d clearly already had a few minutes to review the x-rays.

The diagnosis was less pleasant, but not unexpected. Someone my weight can pretty much expect osteoarthritis in their knees. I don’t know if it’s inevitable, but I do know with my various absorption and inflammation issues I’m not at all surprised. The other issue is that there is no reason revealed in the x-rays for me to have issues with one side over the other, they’re pretty much equal. That tells me that the pain I’m having is muscular in some way rather than structural, which gives me something to work with.

Next step will be figuring out how much physical therapy my insurance will cover, and where and when to have that done. I’m looking at it as an opportunity to work with a trainer who really knows what they’re doing and will prevent me from doing any damage while I rebuild and rebalance the muscles. This is a good thing. I was quite willing to go back to the gym, but I was afraid of doing more damage. Now I know I’m not likely to do that, so it’s time to get right on that.

I also have a referral to a pain management specialist that he thinks highly of to get ideas of alternate treatments. Of course, my first stop after the appointment was Google to see what alternative medicine is doing to support the problem and found a nice article by the actual arthritis foundation that talks about nutritional supports to help with the inflammation. I’m already taking about half of them for my various issues, and they help me a lot, so I ordered a few more.

I’m glad I didn’t put it off a few more days.


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