It only matters what works for you.

Is it organic?

There’s debate in a lot of places about whether or not organic is worth the money, whether it is really that different, whether government standards of ‘organic’ actually mean anything.

I don’t have all the answers, but I can tell you it makes a difference from where I’m standing.

A few summers ago I did a completely unscientific taste test with grapes. I handed my beloved a plate full of red and green grapes. “Tell me if you think there’s a difference.”

Obviously there is some difference between the red and green, but the biggest difference was the chemical-y after taste and lack of true flavor in the commercial grapes compared to the organic. I could tell, but I knew which was which, hence the taste test with the unsuspecting husband. And even more unexpected was the follow up conclusion about why the bananas at home tasted so much better than the ones at work.

I couldn’t argue with that. We don’t always shop for organic, but I do seek out whatever tastes the best and get organic more often than not.

In a recent post I explained about my new soup based life style. I’d been going along happily for months eating home made soup once or twice a day as my primary meals. Then one day my local grocery was out of the organic roast chickens I prefer to start with, so I bought 2 standard chickens instead. How different could they be?

I instantly lost interest in soup. I found it fairly shocking. The cooking method was the same. The veggie composition was similar to every other batch I’d made. The biggest difference was the chickens themselves.

I guess I know better now. They were out of organic roast chickens again, so there’s lamb broth on the stove today instead.



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  1. Lamb broth, YUM!

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