It only matters what works for you.

Taking back Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is not a favorite holiday for those of us with food issues.

I am among the very fortunate. The last time I went home for Thanksgiving, there were a multitude of gluten free and otherwise ‘safe’ offerings. My grandmother even paid me the ultimate complement and told me my gluten free stuffing was better than hers. Does it get better than that? We had 3 gluten free people at that table, and none of us left anything less than stuffed.

The 3rd gluten free diner at our table was a family friend. She had decided to join us because we made her feel welcome in a way that her own family didn’t. We had gluten free and sugar free treats, and went out of our way to make sure that there was plenty for us special needs eaters.

Not every family does that. Her’s didn’t.

For several years I ate with a group of friends who are chosen family. And they too checked with what I needed and helped me have a great and safe meal.

This year my beloved had a lovely holiday meal at work, catered turkey with the trimmings, plus pot luck from around the office. He’s had his fix, and so we’ve decided to ignore the usual holiday food completely.

Which isn’t the same as ignoring the holiday. We’re off together this week, so I’m making it a practice that every day we should talk about what we’re thankful for and how grateful we are for the amazing life we’ve built. Because as much as I have issues and things I would dearly love to change, there are many, many more things to be thankful for.

In my life I can worry about *what* I eat, instead of *if*.

I live in a country where I can reasonably expect to speak my mind, get a fair education, drive, and have choices.

I have friends and family who love and care for who I really am, not some image they’ve made up of me.

I live in a safe, warm, beautiful home with clean running water and electric lights.

I have bubble lights on my holiday tree.

Big things and little things. I’m taking a break from my usual struggle to be very, very grateful for the things I don’t have to struggle about.


(Last year’s tree. Not quite done yet this year.)


2014 tree


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  1. Sounds like my family … One vegetarian who needs gluten-free; one vegan; a couple of diabetics and a gang of carnivores I’ve learned to cook for all of them, but I love to cook using and devising my own recipes. I guess I’ll write a cookbook someday in all my spare time. Lol

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