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Getting some perspective

I recently had a great visit with one of my dearest and oldest friends. She’s recently been having fun and excitement with her own health and we’ve been sharing stories and resources. With her encouragement, I’m doing a few new things.

One that I really should have thought of is a new approach to veggies. See, I don’t like them. I’ve never liked them, and I promise you I have tried whole websites full of different ideas on how to make them fun and interesting. Sorry, still don’t like them. I tried requiring myself to just eat them along with the rest of my meal. Nope, I’d rather skip eating than eat them. Not a good solution. My new approach is called soup. Very innovative, I know. Bone broth is an amazing food and I’ve certainly made my fair share. But I don’t care for brothy soup. There are only so many flavors that meld well with coconut milk for a creamy soup, and thickening with flour isn’t really the best for me. My friend’s solution? The food processor.

Oh. How obvious. I’ve never thought to put the meat from soup into the food processor, but why not? It works beautifully. Cauliflower bacon soup in a chicken base was excellent and on the menu for tomorrow probably. Home made duck stock with leftover duck, zucchini, spaghetti squash and a few potatoes was legendary and required a sincere discussion about the inadvisability of a 3rd bowl in the first seating. Ground beef and broccoli has been less successful, but still fine. So now I’m aggressively buying my favorite Kitchen Basics stock in a box, and saving my rotisserie chicken bones, and I found my beef bone options at the market last visit for future reference. So as long as the cool weather holds out, I can go forward with more veggies.

My friend also found a traditional Chinese Medicine doctor when her western doctor couldn’t help her. I’ve shied away from this simply because of the expense, but in her experience it isn’t as expensive as I thought, and well, I’ve certainly tried everything else. I’ve put out some feelers locally to see if I know anyone with a personal recommendation. Their approach is all about balance after all, and I already know my body is horribly out of balance. It can’t hurt.

I think the most important thing was to have some reinforcement. She does not find me lazy, or less determined, or any other thing. She believes I have attempted to work my behind off, but it is just stuck. And that might be the most important thing from the whole visit. Someone who knows me well. Someone who has watched my endless struggle, and finds me admirable, instead of lacking. That is truly hard to find.

So, a nice soppy song in honor of the people who really know us.


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  1. Pamela, you mentioned this in my fevered delirium, but this blog is so amazing! I love vegetables, but my system isn’t tolerating anything right now. Talk about out of balance! BUT pulverizing food, like baby food (sounds like such fun anyway!), could/should/would be the answer. And I love soup! The one with the duck and spaghetti squash–must be Yum! I’m a definite carnivore, but even when trying to be vegetarian, just because I love the green, yellow, and orange little guys, doesn’t work with my condition. I have to have all the amino acids, full complex, per the doc. I know my vegetarian and vegan, respectively, nieces argue this point with me, but I have to side with the rheumatologist on this one. A toast of thickened broth to us! Cauliflower “mashed potatoes” is surprisingly good, by the way. I can see your nose crinkling up, but hit it with some pulverized soup gravy. Pumpkin and coconut milk soup is yummy too, hot or cold. Fruit soups too. Now you have to shut me up, I know. (giggle) Haven’t giggled in weeks.

    • I’ll take getting a giggle as a huge accomplishment since I know you’re still sick. The only problem with cauliflower mash is that I don’t particularly care for the taste, although I’ve made ‘cauli-rice’ with onion and plenty of bacon and that’s tasty.

      I really respect vegetarians and vegans for the choices they make, but at the moment my body absolutely will not accept that choice for me. It doesn’t matter how beautifully balanced a vegetarian meal is, if there is no animal protein, my body still asks for more food until meat is provided. The fact that blended soup is so extremely satisfying tells me my gut is a lot more messed up *still* than I thought. I’m just glad I found some kind of solution.

      Kitchen Basics is a great brand of commercial broth, for in between your own stock making sessions.

      And I do love a pumpkin bisque with coconut milk. Try adding a little tarragon. Just lovely.

      That said, it’s time for soup for breakfast!

  2. I’m getting ready to try my first breakfast soup. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for you, your blog, making me listen, and your spirit.
    I thought I had the Crohn’s symptoms under control (I still refuse to own it), but then I ate. It doesn’t matter what. At first I thought open forum was not the place for this discussion, but it truly is. How many other Debbie’s and Pamela’s are there out there dying? Because, my friend, I am. I’m keeping no nutrition in my body, but I’m still gaining weight. I’m weak as a kitten. I’m keeping it at bay kinda’ by buying stock in Amodium AD. It’s also been suggested to me by numerous nutritionists that I’m gluten sensitive. It runs in my family. This is finally something I can do to fight back. And I told you last week I’m going to fight. I wanted to give up yesterday, but how do you give up without it being a mortal sin? I can’t do that. My brother did that. I’ve lived the family fallout. It never goes away.
    Okay, back to giggles. Lots of giggles. Two teenagers starting all over again as besties. Fun and frolic; not a care in the world. We’ll sing and dance in our minds until the day to come when we do it in reality.

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