It only matters what works for you.

An unexpected pleasure

After all the years of combative and distrustful relationships with my physicians, every pleasant encounter with my current doctor is a surprise. It shouldn’t be, really, after 3 years, but it takes time to get over the past I guess.

I drive 45 minutes each way (assuming no traffic problems) to see this woman. And it is worth every minute. She respects me. She listens to me. She believes in patients who participate in their own care. It’s really too bad that it took me so long to find someone like that.

It isn’t that I wanted anything radical. I asked for some specific blood tests so my other care provider, an acupuncturist, could have some specific numbers for reference. I asked to try another small increase in my thyroid meds. That’s it. Yet there are so very many doctors who would make you fight for every test, like it was going to come put of their personal pocket or cause the downfall of civilization. So many who make you fight for every mg of thyroid med like it was an illegal drug. I had to wait until I was nearly 40 when things changed and you started to be able to order your own blood tests to even get the test that properly identified my problem, and I had to pay for it out of pocket. Why?

Why does it feel like current medical standards have a vested interest in keeping people under treated for thyroid? I don’t really think it’s a conspiracy, but I’m at a loss to understand what it is. I have so many friends who can’t get a full thyroid blood panel because their doctor just won’t order it. So many who are stuck with not enough synthroid, or stuck with synthroid when it obviously isn’t working for them.

How did the system get so fouled up?

I started this piece to be all happy about my wonderful doctor, but I guess there is still too much wrong with the industry to just leave it with that.

She’s amazing. I’m glad I searched as long as I did to find her. I’m really really glad I’m one of the lucky ones.

I’m just really angry that getting good health care requires luck.


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