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It just takes one thing

I was incredibly inspired by this video I found this morning:



It’s absolutely fascinating how removing one ‘dangerous’ element for the ‘benefit of everyone’ completely changed everything and started a downward spiral of issues that no one even knew were caused by a completely unlikely catalyst (or lack of.)

In this case, the wolves change the behavior of the deer, which changed the grass, which changed the health and behavior of pretty much all the other animals.

To me, it points out how very little we know about how Mother Nature’s systems really work.

Now let’s apply that to things like GMO food, and artificial sweeteners, and chemical flavor enhancers.

I already know one. Soy. Traditional soy foods are made by slow fermentation. Natto, soy sauce, miso, and tofu. Edamame is the one exception that I know of. The slow processing breaks down the potentially damaging phytochemicals in soy, makes it more digestible and the nutrition more accessible. The way soy is processed in the US is, as with everything, the fastest, cheapest possible processing to achieve a food-like substance.

How about grain? We’ve gone from cultivating many different types of grains (because they each require slightly different growing conditions so some were bound to make it even in a too hot or too wet year) to being extremely wheat focused. Then we take that wheat and process it until it is unrecognizable. How about the fact that we’ve reduced the variety of foods that we eat to only a few dozen out of the many hundreds humans used to eat.

What would we find about our health and well being if we went back to eating wide varieties of plants and animals that haven’t been so ┬áheavily modified?

There’s no chance to find out really. Everything has been changed and there are entirely too many humans to be fed for everyone to forage.

But it is a question I think about.