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Play it again.

Recidivism is a fancy word for people who won’t learn from their mistakes, even once they’re caught. It means people who repeat an action even when they’ve faced the negative consequences before.

Usually, it’s used in regards to criminal behavior.

In my case, I’m talking about my relationship with sugar.

We need to break up. I know this. I posted about it a year ago.  Sugar makes me mean and argumentative and  depressed. It makes me crazy. And yet I keep getting lured in.

Part of it is social. If I go out to a nice dinner, I want to have dessert ‘like everyone else’. Some nights, I just want a pleasant drink with dinner to take the edge off. And if there were all it was, then I’d have no trouble, I could handle that much.

But it surprises me every time. I think it must be similar to alcoholism, or people on psychoactive drugs. When you’re on the drugs, you feel so good you start to think that it’s all past and you don’t really need them any more. If you’re sober, it’s easy (or so I read) to think you’ve got a handle on things now.

If just a little sugar isn’t a problem, it’s easy to slip right down that slope into more and more until there I am, crazy and mean again.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do about it. I just thought I’d share my issue.

Artificial sweeteners aren’t the answer, I absolutely do not tolerate any of them. I do eat significantly less sugar than most Americans. I just need to do better.

At the very least, I need to learn when I’m sliding down that slope and try to stop it before I crash into the bottom.