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Return of the spoon

My last post was about Spoon Theory. I am pleased to announce a remarkable improvement in my number of spoons, thanks to my new best friend metformin. Generally metformin is a drug for type 2 diabetes, but as it is increasing insulin sensitivity it is a wonderful solution for those of us who have insulin resistance that won’t come under control with a controlled carb diet. I read this interesting article on the best site on thyroid treatment Stop the Thyroid Madness.

Insulin is very important, but our bodies are just not designed for a life of refined carbohydrates, so insulin can get out of control very easily. Insulin is both pro-weight gain and pro-inflammation. Some of both is necessary for human survival, but too much is a problem.

It’s nice to believe that proper diet and exercise can solve most health problems, and for most people it has a profound effect, but sometimes things are just broken and need some extra support to actually heal.

Let me tell you about my friend A. A was chubby most of her life. Then she found low carb and lost about a person’s worth of weight, and she became an athlete who runs marathons and works out as regularly as I change my socks. And yet despite being draconic with her regimen and never, ever eating things she shouldn’t, her weight would not remain stable, and her hormones were a complete mess that made her miserable. Enter metformin. After only a few months what she refers to as Hormonal Hell has been reduced to the usual amount of annoyance that nearly every woman deals with. Her weight and moods have stabilized, and she is keeping her weight stable easily, rather than by the skin of her teeth.

Her tremendous success led me to ask my doctor for metformin. Which my doctor thought would probably be an excellent idea. She did do the ac-1 blood test which showed me only 1 point over the range into pre-diabetes. But I got my prescription. And despite eating poorly while moving house, and adding an adult beverage to my life many evenings due to that same moving house, I have lost a significant amount of weight. Enough for others to notice, and enough to dramatically increase my spoon count.

Feeling better is AMAZING.