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When they get it.

In my years of pursuing health and trying to learn about my body I’ve tried an awful lot of things. Some work, some don’t, and some only work for a while, and then stop. And it took me years to figure out when it was time to buckle down harder, and when it was time to back up and choose another direction. I wrote about the difficulty in fighting dogma a while back.

When you’re out on the fringe (of anything, health and nutrition for this discussion) it is such a relief when you get to share ideas and options (and new recipes) with someone who gets you. Understands your perspective on health, understands your need to find your own way no matter what the mainstream says, understands that people are not interchangeable machined parts. Unfortunately, sometimes (often really) you get caught up with someone who feels that they own the One Truth, and there is no discussing with you, they just talk at you. So frustrating. They put so much energy into finding a great alternative solution for themselves, and yet they can’t believe that their perfect solution probably isn’t perfect for everyone. Because if solutions were one-size-fits, said practitioner would have followed the instructions their doctor handed out and wouldn’t have made doing something different their life’s work. They get so caught up in their own dogma that they forget that they started out helping people.

I bring this up because last week I went to a ladies business lunch where I have made a number of good friends and I got to sit and brain storm with an amazing food educator.

┬áMy friend Elaine teaches people about raw food and alkaline diets. She doesn’t start with a major overhaul. She starts with a list of foods that would be spectacular for you and helps you find a few that you could add to your diet. Starting small and practical. But if you say “yeah, I know flax can have all these benefits, but I happen to be horribly allergic” she doesn’t say “are you really sure you’re allergic” and she doesn’t say “it’s really really good for you”, she says “oh, how about chia seeds?” or other options.

Elaine understands that I am healing multiple health problems, and I’m not ready (and who knows, may never be) for her program. That doesn’t stop us being friends, or helping and supporting each other. She never makes me feel bad for not jumping on her bandwagon, because what she really really wants is for me to be as healthy as possible. Whatever it takes for me. She had to find her own solution, and she did a fine job, since she’s a 2 time, no chemo cancer survivor. (I’m impressed. How’s that for some qualifications?)

My point here is, if you get the opportunity to work with people who really get that you are a unique individual, make the most of it. They’re rare these days. But don’t let anyone tie you to their bandwagon if it doesn’t fit.


But what does it do?

A few weeks ago this really disturbing and distressing article appeared in my Facebook feed.

It wasn’t disturbing because of violence, it isn’t distressing because fluffy kittens were suffering. It really upset me because it is a high profile example of how completely the USerican public has bought into the belief that thin is the only thing that matters.

The author, Lauren Fleshman, is a professional runner, and a new mom. She got to walk the runway for NY Fashion Week and has a fantastic picture of herself looking ripped and tan on the runway.

And then she took some other pictures of herself on a regular day when she isn’t in a crazy posture and posted them so people could see that in every day life, even runway models don’t look like runway models. And she wrote a blog about the whole thing. Which she then took weeks to publish, because even she, with an amazing athletic body that has also generated a beautiful tiny human, has body image issues.

Friends convinced her that she really, really needed to share her article, and eventually she did, and the response she got was pretty crazy, so then she wrote the follow up article that sparked my post.

Her body is strong, and healthy and lets her do what is important to her. She gets to inspire others, and she brought a life into the world, and she’s got a body that many of us would kill for, and still, STILL, she has body image problems.

Are you disturbed and distressed now?