It only matters what works for you.

That special something.

I have described myself as solar powered. I mean that. When the sun shines I have a ton of energy, I’m optimistic, and I’m usually happy. It’s very consistent, like I’m a junky or something.

When you hear about seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in the literature, everyone starts with ‘keep your vitamin D levels up’. Which I definitely do. Good quality, well researched supplement, taken with food and plenty of magnesium. I’m sure it makes a difference. At this point, it’s really a habit for me.

The next thing to come up is the light levels, and the recommendation is for a light box or some good natural light lightbulbs. Which I have. In every room I spend time in. Several hundred watts worth. I also have an Ott light, originally purchased for beading, which requires careful color matching and good directed bright light. And I spend quality time with that.

And still.

My batteries are so low.

A few days ago we had some nice bright sun, but it was so cold. I got some nice sunlight through the window in the one room in my house where the light actually comes in directly, but that’s a really limited time. Too cold to sit out side for long. And yet even with that, I felt so much more energized and relaxed.

So, if it isn’t just the vitamin D and it isn’t just the light levels, what else is it that I’m missing? I’ve done some searching, but nothing else really comes up. I know some people do well with tanning, but frankly I’ve always been concerned that I wouldn’t fit, and/or that I would burn, which I do fairly easily.

What ever it is, I need it. I miss the sunshine so much I can hardly stand it.

Do you remember those old Mervyns commercials where a slightly crazed woman waiting for their sale would stand at the door with her hands clawed tapping at the windows chanting ‘open open open’? That’s how I feel about sunshine right now.


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