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Constant Vigilance!

Yes, I’m a Harry Potter fan. I also think that if there are things out in the world trying to kill you, you should pay extra special attention.

Not actively trying to kill me, I admit, but life with food allergies does not allow for sloppy habits and you have to be completely aware of what you take in.

Recently I tripped up. I have really excellent insurance, I believe I’m mentioned. During my last doctor’s appointment I got a prescription for hydrocortisone to replace the over the counter product I’d been taking. The OTC worked very well but it’s pricey and a prescription covered by my insurance is not.

Now I had a problem with a different supplement that we prescribed and that caused some estrogen dominance issues that I’ve already written about. It made me feel limp and foggy-brained. While I was limp and foggy-brained, I didn’t notice that I was also starting to have stomach issues and feel weak and sore. Once my head cleared, I didn’t really notice that I still physically felt pretty poor until I started having issues with muscle weakness that caused problems climbing stairs. I live in a house with 3 floors, so that I noticed pretty quickly. I got on the scale and discovered that I’d put on 15 lbs in about 5 weeks. That certainly got my attention.

I thought about my eating habits, because that’s always the first place we want to blame in weight gain. Nothing there had changed in 5 weeks. Google suggested that muscle weakness goes back to adrenal fatigue, so I upped the dose of my new meds just a little. With an over the counter supplement that your body has to convert to an active hormone, there isn’t any way to know for certain exactly how much you’re getting, so maybe the dose wasn’t quite right. Oh, hey, that made things worse! So back to Google I went.

After some searching and asking around on the patient advocacy groups I frequent, I found my answer. My new medication is actually poisonous. Ok, not exactly poison, it’s made with corn starch, to which I am very sensitive. It was causing a serious feedback loop where I was getting my adrenal support, but also needing more to combat the allergic reaction, which caused me to need more cortisol…plus the actual reaction to the corn, which is digestive distress, oh, and an all over body ache and muscle weakness.

Aren’t I lucky that I still had a bunch of my OTC cortisol on hand? 2 days off the prescription and I was feeling much better. Now it’s a week later and I’m almost back to feeling the energy and enthusiasm I felt right after I got on the new thyroid meds. So after an 8 week detour, I’m back on track and making forward progress.

My point here is, do you research, pay attention, and don’t trust anything without checking it. Seriously.


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  1. Thanks for sharing on your blog. I’m enjoying your writing style and topics. I can certainly identify with your quest for health and wellness and the attention and care that goes into day to day choices and activities. While I could comment on other posts, I’ll stick to this one on weight. And, yes, I saw the news about the disease of obesity. To me, it means the doctors really don’t know how to help us.

    In the last fifteen years my weight has fluctuated by many pounds.
    Like you, I observed that my diet, caloric intake and healthy food choices remained constant. Exercise continued at the same pace except for the low energy days. I bought bigger clothing and puzzled about what was triggering this change. Then, often, with doing nothing different, my weight shifted downward; I started wearing smaller sizes again.

    The last time, eleven years ago, my weight shifted upward and onward. I kept expecting it to follow the same pattern, but it hasn’t yet. This weight gain began when I was exercising 3-4 times a week, meditating and feeling peaceful and happy. Go figure!

    While many things can relate to weight retention, as a Healing Touch and holistic health practitioner, I haven’t figured it out for myself. For awhile, I thought it was related to retaining toxins, so I’ve worked on that with no change. I also think it may relate to how we digest food and metabolize nutrients at the cellular level. One of the labels for this is metabolic syndrome. Most doctors don’t consider either of these. I know all the toxins we are exposed to in our society (food, water, air, rampant chemical use, radiation and light, sound and electromagnetic energies) are very unhealthy and disrupt the natural chemical processes in our bodies. Some of these may help to explain the weight gain in animals even under carefully controlled circumstances.

    Best wishes to you in your journey to wellness.

    • Thanks for commenting Joy! I think your comment

      To me, it means the doctors really don’t know how to help us.

      sums it up. We want an empirical answer for every issue. Unfortunately, when they can’t find one, we start blaming the victim. At the moment, my favorite theories involve epigentics, the toxic soil, and our modified/contaminated food. I don’t know if we’ll see a real answer in our lifetimes, although I truly hope we will.
      It’s astounding how many definitions the medical industry has come up with that means ‘a package of symptoms we can observe, but we have no idea why they are occurring.’ Metabolic syndrome, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, leaky gut… so many problems that so many doctors choose to ignore, and the ones who aren’t ignoring it often don’t know how to help. Even healing touch practitioners like you are limited in how you can help, which to me says it’s being induced by something the comes in from outside the body. If it were strictly internal, I think healers would be more successful in reminding the body how to heal itself.

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