It only matters what works for you.

Sugar is evil.

I thought a lot about various titles for this post, but it all comes down to, sugar is evil.

Sugar is the dark side. It is quicker, easier, more seductive. And downright yummy. Unfortunately, it also suppresses our immune system, is one of the top 7 most sensitivity inducing foods, and it makes us fat.

A little, now and then, probably doesn’t hurt too much. Almost no one disagrees that too much sugar is bad.

Oh but too much sugar is so, so easy.

For the purpose of today’s blog I’m going to use ‘sugar’ as an umbrella term. Refined white, organic brown, high fructose corn syrup, agave… for today, file them all under sugar.

Anyone who has spent more than an afternoon with a child knows that too much sugar makes kids wild. Rev’s them right up. Their bodily systems are still working optimally and they recognize that they have WAY too much fast burning fuel, so we’d better get up and run around like something insane to burn it all off. Oh wait, they can’t run it off because they’re in school. So they fidget and twitch and don’t pay attention.

Oh wait. The ‘research’ is showing that ADHD isn’t affected by sugar. I think the research is being paid for by the sugar lobby because the studies I read in my quick survey are pretty badly designed. Every other day, and comparing sugar to artificial sweeteners? We’re in such a ‘quick fix’ culture that the idea that you may need to change a food for more than 24 hours to see a change doesn’t fit the current model.

So what happens to the adults? Who’s systems are no longer functioning optimally? Besides gaining weight. And falling into a snooze in the late morning after the caffeine that was offsetting your sugar rush wears out? Adult ADHD? Irritability? Catching every single cold that traipses through the office?

I’m thinking depression. I’ve discovered that sugar makes me crazy.

I was 100% completely off sugar for several years. Then I started to slip. Then I’d take a planned ‘vacation’. Now I’m not off sugar at all, although I try to keep it under strict control until I’m ready to clean it back out all the way. So I’ve had time to pay close attention to how sugar affects me.

As I said, it makes me crazy. If I’m eating sugar I’m much more likely to get snippy and/or pick fights with my beloved husband. Sometimes with reason, and sometimes not so much, but normally I’m not inclined to make my point by picking a fight. I’m a communications professional, I have other tools I prefer to conflict with a side of head games.

I’m much more likely to over react to things that annoy me. The difference between a sign and a round of tears.

And recently, I determined that my tendency towards incessant worry? That’s sugar too. Not worrying about real, timely problems. I’m talking about the endless hamster wheel of solving problems that aren’t problems yet (and probably won’t ever be.)

As always, this is just a one-rat study and might not apply to anyone else. But what if it does? What if the increasing problems with depression and road rage and high divorce rates and all manner of other social issues are all traceable to the food we’re eating? Too much sugar, food low in actual nutrition, everything made from things processed out of other things?

What would that mean? How would that affect your choices?


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