It only matters what works for you.

If you ignore it…

Does that mean it doesn’t exist?

Sometimes the things that mainstream medicine is choosing to ignore really baffle me. Today’s discussion is about estrogen dominance.

In women, estrogen should be opposed by progesterone, in men by testosterone. Theoretically, we should only have what our body makes, but in the modern world estrogens get to us from a lot of other places like parabens and phalates and the hormones given to our meat animals. Then a low fiber diet and all the horrible things we do that reduce liver function to less than optimal encourage that excess to stay in our bodies rather than be flushed out.

Excess estrogen encourages weight gain, slows down the metabolism, disrupts thyroid function, decreases libido, and causes fuzzy thinking.
Yeah, I’m thinking most of the US may have a problem with this…

It is also known to contribute strongly to the risk of breast cancer.

So how is it that this isn’t an issue that mainstream doctors are looking at? Why is it always the weight that is the issue, rather than the many, many things that can cause weight gain that have very little to do with calories? That’s an excellent question. Any other questions? Because I have no idea.


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