It only matters what works for you.

Part of the whole

Dr. Lissa Rankin, who I am learning to adore, writes about ‘Mind over Medicine’. Actually, that’s the title of her new book, which is on my kindle waiting to get to the top of my reading queue.

One of her major points is that your life won’t be healthy if your head isn’t healthy. Do you hate your job? Is your spouse unsupportive? Is there something horrible happening in your life? All these things contribute hugely to how well your body can fight off the stresses of every day life and invading germs and diseases.

I’m a long time fan of Stop The Thyroid Madness (STTM) which is a site devoted to giving patients with thyroid issues better information than their doctors likely have so those who are suffering undertreated thyroid can fight for better treatment. It’s by patients for patients and talks about a lot of things that mainstream medicine is ignoring, like adrenal issues. They are my go-to for information I need about anything thyroid related. Recently I got myself added to some of their facebook groups. I had some questions, and I’ve been able to answer questions for others, just as it should be.

I’m past being shocked at how poorly doctors treat thyroid patients. I’ve been there plenty myself. What completely shocks me is how badly people who are suffering the endless exhaustion and illness and weight gain of untreated thyroid are being treated by their own families!!!

Really, I’m appalled. I think it must be very much like regular thin people who are perfectly certain that if you are fat you could fix everything easily if you just ate a little better and worked out some. They have no frame of reference and don’t understand how hopeless you can feel when nothing ever makes anything better. If you don’t have a thyroid issue maybe you just can’t understand the difference between ‘a little tired’ and ‘breathing is taking everything I have today’. If you don’t have adrenal issues, you have not idea how completely unable to manage you secretly feel all the time and how little you are able to deal with unpleasant surprises.

But how can you treat your loved ones as if they are delude and slacking? Can’t they see how horrible they feel and how much effort just managing daily life takes? Why would you decide that a doctor knows better than your life partner how he or she is actually feeling?

I just want to go on record and say that my family is phenomenal. They haven’t always understood what was going on with me, and they haven’t always gone about helping me in an actually helpful way, but they did always want to help to the best of their ability, and when I understand what I need, they are always willing to help me get it. My beloved especially limits what he eats, where he eats, and how and where we travel because that’s what I need, and he always wants me to have whatever that is.

If you don’t have  that in your life, please, please, find it. It makes all the difference.


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