It only matters what works for you.

In my last post about what you’re willing to invest I was going to reference a post about organic fruit. That’s this one.

Last summer I did a taste test here at home. I bought organic grapes at the health food store and I bought regular grapes at the grocery. I ate some and thought I could really tell the difference. Then I gave my husband some in a blind test and he could absolutely tell. We both thought the commercial grapes were fairly tasteless and a little chemically-bitter compared to the organic ones.

In the course of our discussion my husband also noted that he’d wondered why the bananas at home tasted so much better than the ones at work. Those must be organic too, right? Yes, our bananas are organic.

Then recently I read about a study conducted by a 16 year old student  who used fruit flies to test the difference between organic and non organic produce.

The 16-year-old looked at the rates of stress, fertility and longevity of the flies and noticed that all fared better on the organic potatoes and bananas that they were fed.

Of course one study is not conclusive and fruit flies are not human, but it was nice to see science reinforce what my body had already told me. The fewer the chemicals, the better the soil, the better the food is for your body. Is commercial produce *bad* for you? I have no idea. I just feel better when I eat organic. So when I can, I do. When I can’t, I can tell the difference.

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