It only matters what works for you.

I had my second appointment with my new doctor today and I remain enamored. She listened, agreed with the changes I wanted in my meds (prescription cortisol instead of the otc stuff I’ve been taking and an increase in my natural dessicated thyroid), and was pleasant and attentive. She did not harp on my weight but was very happy that I’d been feeling well enough to start (slowly) back at the gym.

A local friend of mine is still looking for her ‘right’ doctor and I have passed on the contact information. After my appointment I sent her a note saying I still liked the doctor, but FYI the office tends to run slow, so bring a book.

It made me think about what I have been willing to invest in getting better. In another time and place I might have complained about waiting 45 minutes past my appointment time. In general I’m not fond of an hour’s drive to get much of anywhere that isn’t vacation oriented. The fact that the best way to get where I need to be is a toll road is also not a deterrent.

In general, I have to say I’m pretty damn invested. I’ve changed my diet many times. When I find a change that makes a difference, I stick with it. Like going dairy free to fix my asthma and allergies. It’s annoying some times to work around, but I never really think about it. If something contains more dairy than mashed potatoes, it’s off my food plan. My grocery budget is a little insane because I insist in eating food made of…food. No McDonald’s, no cheap chains, very few processed foods, and I buy organic fruits and veggies. (I was going to reference the article I wrote on organic fruit, but I see I haven”t actually written it yet, so I guess that’s coming…) I spend a lot of time preparing food and cooking, and eating, a quickie lunch of a microwaved meal doesn’t happen.

I’m good with all that. They are choices I’ve made with my eyes open for reasons I’ve given a lot of thought. Just as I’ve decided that in order to get the right care I’m willing to invest 2 hours of drive time, toll fees, and what ever time it takes in the actual office.

Feeling better makes it all worth it to me.

How about you? Have you thought about what it’s worth to you?



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