It only matters what works for you.

I’m not even surprised

I’m not even surprised to find out that I’m part of the 12.5 percent of people who needs a diet that doesn’t suit the needs of most people and isn’t currently fashionable.

I wrote about Rudolf Wiley’s BioBalance recently. You see, my aunt, the one who told me about the book and who still follows the guidelines after all this time, came to visit. We went out to dinner, with one of her coworkers, and it was great to have lots of time to talk with other nutrition geeks. Coconut oil, gluten free, paleo, all kinds of food talk was had, and for me, that’s fun. My aunt reminded me about her diet methods, and that reminded me that I had a copy of both Wiley’s books and maybe this was the time I should pull them out and read them. Which I did.

I did my own caffeine test and it doesn’t quite make me insane, but it does make me jittery and weird. So not quite all acid, but definitely not alkaline.

My local grocery carries a variety I haven’t had access to before in other places. I can reliably get lamb, bison, and duck breast at any time. This winter I started eating those very regularly, along with the chicken breast that has been the staple of my diet…pretty much since you could get decent quality frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts. Since I did the caffeine test I haven’t eaten chicken at all. I don’t miss it, and I’ve been much more satisfied with my meals.

My diet now is mostly from the acid list, with just a little from the other. A little orange juice with my spirulina mostly seems to be enough from the other list. Wiley talks just a little about women who are cyclic between acid, alkaline, or mixed within their personal cycle. That doesn’t seem to be my case, but I’m relatively certain I’ll trend towards more alkaline, maybe 2 or 3-1 rather than 4-1 as it gets hot this summer. We shall see.

It is very interesting to me that about a week before I changed things around, I started being very reluctant to go make my green drinks. Why now and not any point in the last 6 months that I’ve been making them every other day I can’t say. But it is interesting. I wonder if it had to do with starting them at the end of a long summer and stopping them at the end of a long winter? There is no way to know.

As always, this one rat study continues to be about how I feel and what works rather than instructions I got from somewhere.


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