It only matters what works for you.

5th time’s the charm.

I am pleased to announce that I finally have my new doctor. It only took hours of research, months of waiting between appointments, and 5 interviews. Oh, and an hour’s drive each way. But I’ll take the drive because I found someone who will LISTEN, who does not believe that the TSH test is the only one of importance, and she did not treat me as an idiot. Who knew all that, plus taking my insurance, would all be so hard to find.

Maybe it helps that my new doc is actually a nurse practitioner. I’m fine with that. It may even be a plus. It was very empowering to be able to walk in with recent blood work that showed some useful stuff. Unlike the recent wrong doctor, who thought my T3 was too high and my TSH normal, she thought my T3 was entirely too low considering the dosage I was already taking, and my T4 too low. So she has switched me to Armor thyroid, which is the natural full thyroid, not just the synthetic T4 that many docs prescribe.

She took on look at my testosterone test and said “I see, you don’t have any!” She asked me if I was open to supplementing that and only the fact that I was up on the table kept me from jumping up and down yelling YES YES YES!!! (My number was so low that they didn’t give me a number, it’s just <3, which I think means our measurement tools don’t go down that low…)

Most importantly though, I felt that she actually listened. I feel that she really knows what she’s doing with the hormonal adjustments, and I feel that she is really and truly interested in working with me towards health.

Only in the last few minutes of my appointment did she ask me if I were interested in weight loss. I think this is also an excellent sigh. Too many docs focus on that as the problem rather than as a symptom. I gave her a synopsis of my history which boils down to, if you’ve lost 100 lbs and keep it off, but are completely unable to lose past that given any number of different attempts, then it isn’t the food that is the problem. I’m very hopeful that getting my testosterone levels into positive numbers will enable me to get back to the gym regularly (without exhausting me to the point where I can’t function afterwards). Once I can work out again, we’ll see what happens.

The moral of today’s story is, there are excellent, helpful practitioners out there. But you’re going to have to kiss a lot of frogs to find one.


Comments on: "5th time’s the charm." (3)

  1. Finally, some really good news! The first week I was on testosterone (my results being similar to yours) I lost a load of water weight and seemed to have tone for once. It was very interesting.
    Well done!

    • Thanks for that report! I’m very excited to start the Testosterone, but don’t know many people on it. It’s good to get a live report of positive results.

  2. That is wonderful! I also see a nurse practitioner. Just a yearly checkup is 2 hours because she spends so much time really talking and listening. I hope you see some good progress.

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