It only matters what works for you.

Were the first words out of the mouth of the endo I interviewed today. So another good news/bad news visit.

I liked this guy. Open friendly face, good smile. He actually took the time to talk to me and ask some questions even though he doesn’t feel that he’s the right doctor for me. He doesn’t really believe in medically treating adrenal fatigue, which makes him less than optimal for me. On the other hand, he’s already given me more help than any doctor I’ve seen so far.

I had my very first thyroid ultrasound and found out I have a multinodular goiter, which just means lumps and bumps that do nothing 95% of the time. He’s also ordered blood tests for a wonderful long list of things. TSH, T3 and Reverse T3, Cushings, Hashimotos, and the cortisol and testosterone.

I’m very touched that he spent so much time with me and took the initiative to help me get started even though he isn’t really the doctor I need. He also gave me the name of someone who might be, even though she is a serious drive from where I live. I’m desperate enough to drive an hour if that’s what I have to do.

He also said he’d be willing to give me a refill on my existing T3 while I continue to try to find the right medical partner as long as my tests don’t show me as hyperthyroid.

He has a very positive attitude. He gave me a rundown on his interpretation of my initial blood tests. I guess standard treatment doesn’t look at Reverse T3. So I asked him, what does standard treatment say about test results like mine combined with a body temperature of 97 and a pulse of 60 in someone obviously not an athlete. He said he didn’t have an answer for that, but he said it with a smile and laugh. A great attitude.

All in all, a win, even though I’m still looking.


Comments on: "You’re in the wrong place…" (2)

  1. Why can’t you take more T3? Do you not have enough left? I’m just wondering because it sounds like you need it.

  2. Oh no. I’m in pretty good shape. My pulse is still too low, but my temps are good. I was just asking what he would have told me if I’d come into his office before I was getting treated.

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