It only matters what works for you.

How deep does it go?

They say if you want to permanently lose weight and be healthier you need a ‘lifestyle change’.

What does that mean?

Often we implement this ‘lifestyle change’ by getting up a little earlier to go to the gym, clearing out all the stuff we know we shouldn’t eat from the pantry, and devoting ourselves to ‘eating healthier’ (another term that doesn’t really mean anything).

I think we’re doing it wrong.

I have a friend who’s lost a lot of weight. And that’s great. But what I really see is that she’s restructured her entire life around this new person she’s become. She went gluten free, and that’s important. But I see a lot more than that. She started exercising, but that’s not it. She swims. She doesn’t just swim, she joined a team and she does synchronized swimming and competes. She runs, but more importantly, she’s started doing marathons, and running with people.

She’s made swimming and running into a big part of her social life. It isn’t an exercise program any more, it’s her social scene. That’s where her friends are. It’s what she does on weekends.

That’s a lifestyle change.

Going to the gym doesn’t usually give us the changes we’re looking for because it’s just something we’ve stuck on our previous life. And often its something we don’t really want to do, we’re just supposed to.

I’m thinking you have to incorporate something that is not only healthy, but also fun, challenging, satisfying, and/or rewarding.

Now how do I figure out what that would look like?

Yeah, just go out and try things.


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