It only matters what works for you.

That’s just tacky.

The cruise line we like still has formal nights. They request that if you’re going to attend the evening shows or the formal dining room, that you dress according to the evening dress code. It’s something you know in advance, not a surprise.

So when people decide that their personal preference to not bother is more important than my choice to enjoy formal night, it annoys me.

Where do you suppose that line belongs?

I’ve had that thought a lot. It used to be a big question for me around smokers. Where is the line between their right to choose to smoke and my right to choose not to have an asthma attack? I used to absolutely avoid any venue where smoking was permitted, to the point that when I was young and single I never went to bars or clubs because smoking was allowed.

You may have noticed, if you read here much, that I’m not much for conformity. I want people to think for themselves, to do what is right, to embrace responsibility.

But what happened to the social contract? The idea that we all give up a few freedoms for the purpose of getting along in a big group. That’s the theory that speed limits work on, that we’ll all more or less follow the rules to make it reasonably safe for everyone.

There are a lot of arguments you could have on this subject. Maybe pushing for minority or gay rights is a point that we shouldn’t have pushed because it makes people uncomfortable. Nope. Those we definitely needed to change. What about the right to go around scantily clad? Did we change society before that became acceptable, or did it become acceptable because people pushed it until the majority gave in and changed where they drew the line.

I don’t think I have any answers here. On big issues, I seem to be pretty much on the side of, do what’s right rather than what is comfortable.

That doesn’t seem to change my opinion that it’s tacky to show up at a show on formal night in your ratty shorts and flip flops.


Comments on: "That’s just tacky." (1)

  1. Just as they have the right to show up that way, we have the right to judge them for it.

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