It only matters what works for you.

more dieting.

Last year I blogged about why fat is like a leak in a pipe. And I wondered how to find the broken spot.

This year I’m thinking that the way we think about the problem is the problem.

When we decide we don’t want to be fat any more, we diet. Often it works for a little while. If you diet often enough and hard enough, then sometimes you’ll stop losing weight all together. If you do lose the weight, keeping it off becomes a full time job.

Traditional dieting is all about ‘no’. Don’t eat this, don’t eat that. It’s all about outside in.

What if it’s inside out? What if it is all about mindset first. So many things turn out to be a reflection of what you think and believe. What if this is one of them?

All the planning and scheduling and calorie counting, those can all shift the focus from what your body needs to what you think it should have, based on some external criteria handed down from outside. What if the focus instead should be on, how is this going to make me feel? Does this make me happy? Does this make me feel cared for? Does this make me feel strong and energetic?

Green drinks make me feel strong, and every one of the nasty things seems to encourage me to make better and better choices. Counting calories makes me feel deprived and sad and hungry.  Conventional ‘wisdom’ pretty much tells us flat out that you have to be hungry to lose weight.

Do what you’ve always done, get what you’ve always got.

What if the first step to being healthy and strong is believing that you deserve it and it is possible?


Comments on: "more dieting." (2)

  1. I think that’s the first step in pretty much anything. 🙂

  2. I agree. I stopped dieting, and began exercising, because I knew I wanted to be stronger and more fit. My weight has not fallen off like it did when I drastically cut back on my food. But, I am feeling more alert and in better spirits.

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