It only matters what works for you.

Can you heal yourself?

In my recent post about rethinking my approach to health I referenced Lissa Rankin’s new TED presentation. Here it is:

In case you don’t know, Lissa Rankin is an MD with huge credentials who is devoted to changing our very broken health care system. I love what she has to say, and I enjoy her blog, and I can’t wait to see how she succeeds in her goals. I think she has just the right kind of voice, and background, to make a difference.

This TED is about healing yourself. Research proves that the ‘placebo effect’ works. It’s real. But we don’t harness the power of our minds because we can’t quantify it. We can’t distill it down to a protocol. We can’t make it a set of easily followed instructions.

We can’t make it easy.

Changing the way you think is hard.

She says that the placebo effect may only come in to play when the stress response is relaxed. I find that very interesting. Our society isn’t really geared for relaxing. Very few of us remember to focus on fun and play and enjoyment. There are too many stressors waiting to jump on our free time.

The other big question that comes up for me when I listen here is, how much play does the physician really have in the placebo effect? If the issue is the nurturing support of someone who really cares, can that be provided by partners? Family members? What about intuitive healers or other kinds of energy workers like reiki practitioners, can the same support be provided by them?

I certainly hope so. Because as much as I’d like to embrace this possibility, I don’t really want to hold my breath until I have a great supportive relationship with my health care provider. With our broken system, those are really hard to come by.


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