It only matters what works for you.

Where is the value?

I really admire Lissa Rankin. I respect the education that she got, I respect her ability to break out of the mold her profession put her in.

I really, really respect her ability and determination to be very transparent about what she learns about life.

Her latest blog is about the price you have to pay for success. What are you willing to exchange for it?

For a very long time I’ve always tried to balance things between long term planning, and short term joy. I believe those trite cliche’s that say things like “no one on their death bed ever says I wish I’d spent more time at the office.”

The timing on this is significant to me. Just last week I finally put together a list of my ‘core values’. I’ve looked into them many times, but never really felt like I understood how to pick them out. It’s one of those annoying ‘simple, but not easy’ things. I printed out a list of core values from the internet. I stared at that stupid piece of paper for over a week. I circled things in pencil. I erased. I circled some things in pen. I wrote different lists all over the margins. I added a word that wasn’t there. Eventually I came up with something that just felt right.

I know. That’s so nebulous. It’s all I have though.


I’m really glad I finally took the time to do that, because now as I ponder the price I’m willing to pay for success in my business, I can look at that short list of words and have a basis for my decision. Does it contribute to one of those values? Does it conflict? Is cuddle-the-cat-time interrupting my day, or is it a highlight? (I’ll give you one guess.)

I’ve already decided for myself what is important and where my priorities need to go. I just need to remember to own those decisions and make my choices accordingly.

It was totally worth staring at that stupid list for a week.


Comments on: "Where is the value?" (2)

  1. and where does one find such a list to start with?

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