It only matters what works for you.

And the winner is…

In this case, supermodel Cameron Russell. She did a TEDx talk

It’s only 10 minutes and I urge you to watch it and share it with young women. She talks honestly and openly about the fact that her modeling doesn’t actually have anything to do with her. Models don’t really look like models, the pictures they appear in are artificial constructs created by a team of people.

I want to highlight 2 of her points. The first is that when she first started modeling, she wasn’t even menstruating yet. So the image that we are being sold of the ideal, sexy woman, is still actually a child. Not even a young woman, but a girl who hasn’t even finished puberty.

The second point is, even though she won the genetic lottery and looks exactly the way we are told we are supposed to look, and has ‘the thinnest thighs and the shiniest hair’, she’s still insecure.

Remember that post I made about Oprah, the one where I asked how the average woman is supposed to achieve the perfect body if she can’t, with all her support and economic advantages? Well now I’d like to know, if the average supermodel, the icon of everything we’re supposed to recognize as beautiful, is insecure about her looks and her value, then where is the hope for the rest of us? How did we build a society where everyone is completely insecure about everything, and even the icons can’t live up to their own image?

That is so messed up.


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