It only matters what works for you.

When No is Yes

As I get older I find myself a lot more willing to say ‘no’.

No, I would not like to do that. No, I would not like to buy what you’re selling. No I would not like to change my beliefs for yours.

So what I’m really saying is ‘yes’. Yes, I will think for myself. Yes, I will believe as my heart dictates. Yes, I will claim responsibility for my own actions.

I think this takes practice.

It can be so easy to follow. To believe what we’re told because we perceive that someone is more knowledgeable, more qualified, more important that we are. Because we are taught to always ask “who am I to be the expert”.

If not me, then who?

Only I can decide what I really believe. That requires looking around, trying things on, research and learning, and being willing to say “I was wrong” when you get new information. Or at least “I have better information now.”

Why are we so afraid of change do you suppose? Not changing can be comfortable, or not, depending on the circumstances. But only by changing can we open ourselves up to some really great things that we can barely imagine.

So I encourage you to think about saying No to fear and stagnation and being a follower, and say Yes to figuring out who you are, what you think, and what path you really want to be on.


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