It only matters what works for you.

Inside out.

Do what you’ve always done, get what you’ve always got. So do it differently.

This is my mantra for the year.

Obviously if it’s working and I like the result I’m getting, then I won’t be changing things. A great many things in my life are absolutely fantastic. But some, I want to change.

Change is hard. To quote my Russian neighbor “people would rather be lazy and comfortable” than change. Our thought patterns get ingrained, little worn grooves in our self talk that make it very difficult to change the tape.

One of the things I’m changing this year is how I think about losing weight.

Do what you’ve always done. I’ve been taught that the ‘only’ way to lose weight is to change the way you eat, specifically to diet. To restrict food. To do it from the outside in. And that works, kind of. Most everyone can lose weight by restricting food enough, for a while. And the statistics are perfectly, unequivocally clear that most of the time, it’s temporary.

Did you see Lissa Rankin’s amazing new TED talk about the scientific evidence for self healing? I’ll be blogging about that here soon. The placebo effect is real. It’s documented. So why can’t we learn to harness that to our advantage?

If you can meditate on the success you want to see, the outcomes you envision for business and relationships, why have we decided that approach doesn’t work for health?

Health. Not fitness. But a feeling of pervasive wellbeing. A wanting to get up and enjoy life just because it feels so good. A deep seated ability to make the best choices for your physical body because they are the ones that feel good and make you happy.

People in my country are sicker and fatter and less energetic and less happy than ever. Obviously our medical/empirical model of what illness is and how health should be achieved isn’t working.

So let’s do it differently.


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