It only matters what works for you.

A broken system

The status of health care in our country (the US) is such a joke.

I have insurance. I am one of the fortunate few who actually has pretty darn good insurance. The number of people who would be overjoyed to have what I have is staggering. I am grateful, I really am. I’ve been without it and I understand what I have.

Unfortunately, with my particular non-standard health issues, I can’t get the care and treatment I need from anyone who accepts that insurance.

Is it time to laugh or cry? I don’t know.

Today I interviewed another doctor. I went in prepared with what I’m on now, and what I’m looking to do into the future, with an emphasis on wanting to work *with* someone on my health care. The doctor was pleasant, professional, and explained she didn’t think we are a good fit because she is ‘more traditional’ in her treatments, meaning T4 thyroid instead of T3 and not much experience in treating adrenal issues.

I’m glad she was honest and straightforward with me. I’m glad she was pleasant instead of dismissive.

I’m sad that the only colleague she could really recommend to me was the same name I’ve gotten elsewhere. I’m sure she’s excellent, but it doesn’t seem reasonable that I should have to come up with approximately the price of a car payment (on a 2011 vehicle) to see a doctor when I have actual good insurance.

What to do, what to do?


Comments on: "A broken system" (5)

  1. I hope you can find the care you need. If you would like a reference to an international healthcare network, perhaps you can find a good fit, you can try here or Companion Global Healthcare (the international PPO of Blue Cross/blue Shield of South Carolina that also works with individuals who are not members of the network:

  2. At least she was honest… and that’s a good thing, but of course it doesn’t help you very much. I hope you can find someone to treat you.

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