It only matters what works for you.

Grumpy people

Have you ever looked around and noticed how very many people in the world are perpetually grumpy?

Why is  that?

I was just on a cruise in the Caribbean. A beautiful ship, fantastic service, amazing food at all hours, in the beautiful Caribbean Sea with glorious sunshine. Almost no access to the ‘real world’.

If you’re looking for a place to get away from it all and be carefree, that’s a pretty good setting for it.

So it was a little disturbing to see how very many people were still grumpy. People who complained about the food on their plate, instead of just getting something else. It’s all included after all, no additional charge to get something else. People who complained about the temperature in their cabins. Did you miss the little knob on the wall that controls the a/c? Because that’s pretty easily fixed…

I think some people just like to be grumpy. But I don’t understand why.

My husband and I like to eat out. We don’t do it as much as we used to because of my allergies, but it used to be something we did a lot. Often we hold hands while we sit and wait for our food. And often, really often, like maybe every 2nd or 3rd trip out, someone would actually approach us and say something about how happy we seemed to be.

I actually found that a little creepy and sad. Because how pervasive does ‘grumpy’ and ‘indifferent’ have to be for a random stranger to overcome the cultural conditioning about not approaching people you don’t know, to say something like that, not matter how nice it is to hear.

Happiness can be a choice. A way that you look at the world. Some days its a harder choice than others. Some days you have to narrow your focus pretty hard to say “I’m going to smile because those really cute squirrels are chasing each other” rather than snarling because work is tough or you’re having a family problem or your life doesn’t seem to be a very nice place today.

That choice, to be happy about what you can find, rather than not, will affect all your other choices. If you get in the habit of finding the bad, then that’s what you’re more likely to see. If you get in the habit of finding  the good, well, there’s always something you can find. The cardinal in the tree outside your window. A daddy cherishing his baby has he pulls her out of her stroller. A kitty sleeping with her head upside down.

I wish our society encouraged us to look for the good more. Life is life, but a good smile and laugh, holding hands with your best friend, those things can really take the edge off when you need it.


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