It only matters what works for you.

Embrace the experience.

I have a budget. Most people do. But I adhere to mine pretty strictly. I didn’t always. I can be taught.

So when presented with an opportunity to do something, the budget has a very big say on whether or not I choose to do it. I don’t sign up for things I know I can’t/won’t afford. But I may be missing something important with this strategy.

I just got back from an amazing vacation. There will be lots more about that. It was a cruise. On the cruise line we like they still have formal nights, where everyone (mostly) gets dressed up and looks great and spends the evening that way. On formal nights they have photographers stationed all over to take formal pictures. I like formal night, we got dressed up, and we definitely took full advantage of the photographers. My family likes pictures!

This particular cruise had a special photographer on board from an outside company, doing specialty black and white pictures. No charge for the sitting. At first we couldn’t make our schedule work with hers so we were just going to skip it, but we came through at just the right time on a formal night, so we did a sitting.

Oh. Wow. She did the most amazing job. She has a gift. She caught us in exactly the right poses and attitudes and did some fun unusual things that I’ve never seen done before. It gave us some very unique, unusual shots and made the whole thing a lot more fun that I remember sitting for pictures being in the past.

She’s planning to go solo soon and I can’t wait to see what she does then. I’ll definitely link to her business once she has one.

Anyway. I was really excited about the pictures. We showed up for our viewing session and she just played a slide show of all the pictures together. They were just beautiful. I almost cried because the memory and thoughts they evoked were so beautiful and powerful. Did I mention she has a gift? Because she definitely has a gift.

Unfortunately, the pricing on the photos, as established by the company she’s working for, were priced for the people for whom cruising is a lifestyle, not a hard earned treat. They were so far outside the realm of possibility as to be not even worth discussing.

At first, I was pretty upset and horribly disappointed. If I’d known, I wouldn’t have wasted either of our time. Then I ran through that again and realized, I didn’t waste my time. It was fun to sit for the pictures. It was amazing and moving to see all those great shots. Just remembering it now I can feel all that beautiful emotion that the pictures generated. It would have been nice to get to keep some of them, but the memory itself is beautiful and moving.

I do wish I had some of those pics though.

I’m not sure how this experience will change my decision process in the future. Will I continue to make the conservative choice and avoid things I know won’t be part of my budget? Or will I be more open to just the experience, even though I know I can’t afford the sale. I don’t know. On one hand I think there are some false pretenses in there. On the other hand, if they’re offering, should I make the most of it knowing I won’t be paying for the end product?

I’d have really missed out here if I’d done my usual thing. I think the photographer, who I ran into several other times, might be someone who could become a real friend. I have the amazing memory of the experience.

It’s an interesting question. What do you think?



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