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Lessons from the Spa-Part 3

Our spa trip was early on a Thursday morning. I was really struck by the number of people who were already there, and who were obviously there for an extended day.

Have you ever been to a full spa? I never had. First you strip down and head to a shower as you would before using any public pool. Then you get into the biggest most wonderful jacuzzi I’ve ever experienced and you soak for a while, while enjoying the various jets. Then, apparently, if you’re a regular, you get your basket of supplies and your personal scrubby and your soaps and you go over to the dedicated space with rows of shower wands and you sit on the little bucket-chair and you scrub yourself down within an inch of your life. You may come as a family group and scrub each other’s backs.

Or, you may sign up for the extra service and have a professional scrub down from a nice lady  in leapard-print underwear. (I presume the men’s area offers similar services but didn’t ask.) My friend told me she hadn’t felt so clean and cared for probably since her mother stopped washing her in the sink as an infant. Certainly not so thoroughly bathed!

Then you get back in the pool. Or go to a hotter pool. Or perhaps spend some time in the dry sauna.

It is really an amazing place and I was fascinated by the number of ladies there who obviously make this a regular part of their self care. I was so envious. The spa is Korean, as were most of the people we saw there that day and I thought it would be really nice to be part of a culture where taking good loving care for yourself was a desirable, customary thing, rather than a spoiling indulgence. Something you do  regularly of a Thursday, rather than once or twice a year on vacation.

Then I decided that I’d be part of that culture no matter what. I’m looking forward to going back soon, and on a regular basis. It was fun, relaxing, refreshing and I loved it. I deserve it.


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