It only matters what works for you.

Gentlemen-fair warning, this post is directed squarely at the Ladies.

You may have noticed that I’m fond of TED presentations. Here is another one.

Alisa Vitti shares her own story of how she learned and managed and overcame her struggle with PCOS and other hormonal issues, and that is a fascinating story on its own. But that  isn’t the only thing to take from it.

Have you ever considered your personal cycle when setting your work schedule?

I certainly don’t. At least, I never have. I think I plan to start.

Consider that along with what is going on in your ‘lady parts’ as she likes to say, those chemicals are affecting every other part of your body as well.

Even your brain.

Every woman knows that the menstrual period effects the brain. Sometimes it makes us crazy, or tearful, or just plain mean. Sometimes it encourages us to eat quantities of chocolate that we aren’t willing to admit.

What if it also meant that it was the time that the two sides of our brain were most connected to each other? What if it were also the time when we are most able to connect to our gut instincts and make course corrections on our lives?

I never thought of that.

Alisa also reports these considerations:

The follicular phase is when we have the most, best access to our creative energy. That would be the best time for starting new projects.

The ovulatory phase is the time when our communication skills are at their height as is our energy. Contract negotiations anyone? Presentations? New customer meetings?

The luteal phase brings us to attention to detail. Time for organizing. Tasks when you really need to get down to specifics and pay attention to the little things. To do lists? Business plans?

What an amazing possibility. Alisa finishes saying that women give birth through the body. Obvious, but if you think about it, that could mean so much more than just babies. Her ending question is one I’ll pass along to you.

If your body was restored to perfect vitality, how would you use it to be a change agent?

I’ll certainly be giving that a lot of thought.


Comments on: "A scheduling approach I bet you haven’t been using…" (3)

  1. wow! I never thought about it that way. Amazing!

  2. Thanks for posting Keri. I thought I was really fascinating.

  3. I imagine that men have this too. Perhaps not as extreme on the cycle. That’s really interesting — I would think that hormonal cycling if better understood could make a big difference in how one approached many things in life.

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