It only matters what works for you.

Your body posture can affect your mental state. What are you telling yourself by the way you sit and stand and move?

I recently watched this great 20 minute video by Amy Cuddy about the research they have about body posture and how it can affect, not only how others see you, but how you see yourself. If you go around hunched over, drawn in, making yourself small, then you do, in fact, make yourself small.

There is evidence of course that women are more likely to engage in ‘small’ body posture than men. A lot of the things we’re taught about how to be ‘lady-like’ involve smaller postures, like crossing your legs and holding your hands in your lap.

As part of my owning my space I’m working very hard this week to embrace bigger postures. Stand up straighter, let my arms swing a little wider. No hunching. Its a little challenging, but I’m up for it.

Of course, smiling is one thing I don’t have to work on. Do you smile a lot? You really should. That’s one I already knew about. See, smiling, the act of engaging those muscles in your face and the limbic system behind them? That really can make you feel better if you’ll just make yourself do it. So I mostly smile all the time.



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