It only matters what works for you.

Getting clean

Sometimes dieting isn’t about losing weight. It’s about making a healthier change just to be healthier.

I’ve been really driven to do this latest round of hcg, but to do it differently.

It’s my 4th round. My 3rd this calendar year. I don’t have a whole lot of lasting weight loss to show for it, but I’m actually ok with that. I’ve learned an awful lot. I’ve learned that I need more protein that provided for by the protocol. I’ve learned that my body needs a much lower dose of hcg than was prescribed. I’ve learned that I need to supplement both progesterone and cortisol to make up for what my body can’t do right now.

This time I’m working on using more intuition in what I actually eat. Not letting myself get so hungry even if it defies the protocol.

Do you know there isn’t any good research on how many calories a person can lose at once? As compared to the amount that your body will down-regulate your metabolism? We know that the body will do both things. That has been proven under laboratory conditions. But there don’t seem to be any guidelines for figuring out where in that see-saw your own body will fall.

I’ve had pretty good losses. I’ve also gotten cold, depressed, tired, and listless. It’s only for 3 weeks after all. Worth putting up with for the results, right? Maybe it isn’t necessary.

Every time so far I’ve white-knuckled my way through being hungry to stay within the exact recommendations of the protocol. I’ve worried extensively about the precise food choices. This time? I’m not doing that. I’m listening a little more to what my body asks for.

There are 2 kinds of requests from your body. One kind says “I’d like to dive head first into that chocolate cake right now.” You can be fairly sure that that message isn’t coming from the happy, sane part of you. It’s really asking for a shot of heroin to jack up your brain cells and drug your mind. We should probably not listen to too many of those messages. Except on special occasions.

The other kinds of messages say “You should really get out the juicer and make another green drink, which you hate the taste of but is oooooh so good for us.” “Another lightly buttered rice cake would be really great right now.” “Lets have the orange instead of the grapes.”

Those messages I think we should really be listening to.

That’s my position on this round of hcg. It’s cleaning out my eating habits. Again. And this time I’m using it to listen instead of ignore messages from my body.

Except for the crazy ones about chocolate cake.


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