It only matters what works for you.

If I thought for a week…

The other day I was commiserating with some of my online friends who are in similar health situations. Overweight, outside the box, not getting any outside help, and very frustrated.

I said that if I’d sat down for a week and specifically tried to come up with a plan to completely ruin my health and internal balance, I couldn’t have come up with as comprehensive and destructive a program as I lived randomly.

Unless you subscribe to the ‘choose your own reality’ paradigm, in which case I did, indeed, sit down and give some thought to the most direct route to systemic failure.

I’m not going to weigh in on that one.

Where I’m going with this is, every time I identify one area of systemic failure, it points to new ones I hadn’t identified yet.

Weeks before I started my first round of hcg, I started taking a very small dose of progesterone. Progesterone is an important hormone and a precursor to many others, specifically cortisol and the other adrenal hormones. I’d really like to get to the point where I don’t need cortisol supplementation specifically, but can figure out what other raw materials I can provide so that my body has everything it needs to work properly on its own. Its been a year now, I think my adrenal system might be ready to get back to work on a full time basis. I hope.

Because I’m me, I had to have a completely insane reaction to it. My legs swelled up until they hurt. Not my fingers, not my face, nothing else, just my legs. weird. I did a lot of reading and online research. I didn’t come to any particular conclusions. I went off the supplement, when on hcg, and all the water weight went away, along with some other real weight.

That didn’t stop me from really believing that the supplementation was necessary and important. So as I neared my second planned round of hcg, I tried again. Same reaction. So I switched to pregnenolone, a precursor, thinking it might have less of a reaction. Nope. Same thing, just as bad. More research. A LOT more research. I asked people. I read more. Eventually I found that estrogen dominance, being treated with progesterone, can, sometimes, rarely, have this effect, and it can last somewhere between a week and 3 months.

Oh Joy.

Because I feel much, much better while taking pregnenolone, aside from my legs aching, I decided to see if I could stay the course and work through it. Just in the last few days my legs have finally, finally given in to the water wasting powers of an extreme diet and they are where they should be. whew.

I hope things are settled now and it won’t come back when I finish this round. But I won’t know for a few more weeks. Fingers crossed.


Note: I wrote this a while back intending to publish it ‘in a few days’ and then didn’t. The info is relevant to a new post I’m writing that I hope I’ll do better posting in a timely fashion. We’ll see won’t we?


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