It only matters what works for you.

The answer is inside…

It’s another TED day.

Lissa Rankin is an OBGYN. She wore herself out in mainstream medicine. She hated that she’d work with patients and do the tests and look at the results and have to diagnose them as ‘healthy’ when everyone, her included, knew they weren’t.

So she took some time, and joined an integrative practice, and that was better, more time with her patients, more options for treatment, but that still wasn’t quite right because it still uses an allopathic model of the fix coming from outside the body.

So she studied and researched and read and got into the psych literature and put together a lot of pieces, and discovered that

health comes from within.

Treatment from outside can help, and sometimes you need outside help. But what will really make you healthy in the long term is a healthy, balanced life. Healthy love, healthy finances, healthy relationships, physical activity that is a positive experience. All those things coming together, that is what makes a real, healthy body.

There are always exceptions. Some bodies just don’t work right and that’s just the luck of the draw.

But if your health symptoms are vague and never ending? It might be time to look at the rest of your life to see what else you have going on that leads your body to send up warning flares.

It’s a very good talk. Let me know what you think.


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