It only matters what works for you.

I did my first round of hcg in February after a scare with edema. I planned then to do 2 more rounds . The plan is going pretty well so far.

My last round didn’t work quite as planned. But I learned a lot. I should have spent 3 weeks after I finished injections doing a strict low carb protocol to reset my hypothalmus. I got my weight stabilized in 2 weeks, but in the 3rd week we went on a long anticipated trip back to my former home in Colorado and I didn’t even bother to try. I went to all my favorite eateries and ate whatever I wanted because it is likely to be a very long time before I get back there.

My weight was up when I got back, but not too horrifically. If I’d gone on with eating like a sensible person from there on, I think I’d have easily kept up my losses. Unfortunately it didn’t happen that way.

I wasn’t really ready to eat sensibly yet. That’s the truth. I got scared into the diet by circumstances. I don’t think it was a bad thing, but I got right back into some bad habits. I didn’t quite gain back everything I lost, so I consider it a net victory.

Plus, I learned some things. I learned I have to actually be ready, and I learned that the fear that is such a popular motivation tactic in our world doesn’t really work very well. Its great for the initial kick, but it has nothing that will hold you to your path once the fear fades. And fear always does fade. Its too intense to hold on to long term without constant reapplication.

Motivation based on what you do want is usually stronger than motivation based on what you don’t want.

For a while a few years ago I was in pretty excellent shape. Going to the gym, at my lowest adult weight. I felt really good, right up until my adrenals tanked and I was too exhausted to care. I want that back, only without wrecking the adrenals this time. I think this round of hcg is seeing me well on my way. I’m getting closer to my old ‘set’ weight, and more importantly, I’m having an easier time with my limited choices this round, and I’m much more interested in planning how to stay on a lower carb program through the summer. Not the strict low carb or paleo that I’ve done in the past, but definitely some guidelines that I think I can handle long term. I do not suffer from a lack of will power once I really know what I want to accomplish.

I still have a few more days on this round. Its a little disappointing that I’ll be restricted over this holiday weekend but not enough to lure me into changing the schedule. Anything I want to eat this weekend will be there some other weekend after all. Or next Memorial Day. Then a few weeks of no-sugar no-starch, which is usually a good thing anyway, then another attempt to eat sensibly until August. I think I’ll do much better this time.

Because I have a really positive goal. A winter holiday that involves a lot of walking and a readiness to put in a little extra effort now so that when the cooler weather comes back around, I’ll be in better shape to explore all the really great things about my new home in DC. Its going to be great.


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