It only matters what works for you.

Its another TED episode.

Robyn O’Brien was a Wall Street food industry analyst turned mom who had a Life Event when one of her small children had an allergic reaction to her breakfast. Then she turned her professional experience to benefit her family and started doing research on “how can kids be allergic to food”. She’s a good speaker with a compelling personal story, well worth your 18.27 minutes.

The point that really hits home for me is that Europe and many other countries looked at the new farming options and the new genetic engineering and the new hormones that increase yields and said “There aren’t any studies that show they are safe, so lets wait a while.” The US went the other way and said “There aren’t any studies that show they aren’t safe, so we’re going to go ahead.”

Doesn’t that make you feel warm and fuzzy and safe?

Me either.

The US didn’t even suggest that maybe we should do some studies on the safety of this stuff. We’re a number of years out on using GMO and hormones and if good research is being done on the effects this is having, it isn’t making news headlines.

Still not getting that warm fuzzy feeling.

How much of the bad health in the US has nothing to do with the effects, like obesity and heart disease, and is actually attributable to a completely different cause, say the horrific, intentional, adulteration of our food supply?


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