It only matters what works for you.

An amusing aside from my recent doctor’s appointment.

For whatever reason, the intake nurse didn’t get my blood pressure when she was doing everything else. It may have been that I scared her when I said she’d likely get a better reading by using a normal cuff and taking the reading from my forearm.

I reminded the doctor to take it before we concluded my appointment because it is a concern. I mentioned about taking it at the forearm. He said he’s very suspicious about readings taken that way, they are often unreliable. Ok.

He started by using the stethoscope to find the pulse at my elbow instead of just going ahead. And I learned something brand new about the weirdness that is my body that makes perfect sense now that I know.

It seems my brachial artery is oddly positioned. Which makes it hard to find after you’ve pumped up the cuff. Which causes them to pump the cuff multiple times, which causes that unexpectedly high reading they often get.

It also explains why the professional and experienced people at many blood donation centers haven’t been able to find any vein other than the little one off to the side. The main one isn’t where they’re looking.

Learn something new every day.


Comments on: "It’s around here somewhere…" (1)

  1. Thats interesting because wayyy back in the day, they taught us to palpate the artery before applying the cuff. Truth is though, you just dont do that in practice.

    You are a good reminder of why that step 1 exists!

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