It only matters what works for you.

The ‘pick a random physician’ lottery that is.

Its very odd that the current state of medicine encourages us to look at a list and pick at random someone to share intimate personal details with. Who thought that was a good method? Yes, bean counters, I know.

As someone in a new town I don’t yet have a network of my own to get referrals from. No one to ask for opinions. I did a fair amount of searching online but there are many doctor review sites and very few actual reviews, and that’s only worth so much anyway. Some of you may have read my post angsting about my likely treatment, both personally and professionally.

I’m delighted to report all that worry was, as it so often is, for nothing. My new doc is great.

I’m not saying he’s an expert in all the areas I need support in. He’s not. The important thing is, he knows he isn’t. He actually admitted it. When’s the last time your physician admitted flat out not to know much about something you needed? Not often, I’m quite sure of that. I was happy to reply that I knew he was a primary care physician so I expected him to know something about an awful lot of  things, but it isn’t his job to be a specialist about everything.

He asked the expected questions about whether or not I’ve considered surgical options for weight loss, but when I said they weren’t the right choice for me he didn’t try to push. I get the feeling its on the list of standard questions they need to ask rather than something he felt like I should choose.

We discussed my blood tests showing a reverse T3 thyroid issue, which is outside of his training. He can’t help me, but he isn’t going to obstruct me either, which outside-the-box people often see. He was happy to refill my existing prescription and when he asked to rerun my TSH for my records, he was happy to order the non-standard tests that will let me figure out if I’m getting anywhere.

Overall I found him friendly, patient, and respectful. Things you’d expect to find regularly in a physician but don’t really find that often.

The office was also respectful in subtle ways. The instructions for everything are clearly posted. The office staff was all extremely pleasant as was the intake nurse. The scale is an electronic model that goes up to 400 lbs so they can honestly weigh patients of all sizes. The front waiting area had a mix of armed and armless chairs. The ‘put your stuff on’ chair in my treatment room was armless. I don’t know if its planning or serendipity, but it was welcoming either way.

I knew early on in the appointment that it was going to go well though. For whatever reason, his BS was actually in physics. Physicists turn up in the oddest places having nothing at all to do with physics. When I meet one, it almost always works well. Like the time I dated a physicist turned software engineer and married him.


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