It only matters what works for you.

There was an independently organized TED event specifically for the ‘next generation. The title today was from an excellent presentation by an 11 year old who draws that conclusion when told that organic is too expensive. He’s a passionate kid with a solid message, well worth your 5:22 minutes.

I particularly like this quote:

I also used to think that all of our food came from these happy, little farms where pigs rolled in mud and cows grazed on grass all day. What I discovered was this is not true. I began to look into this stuff on the Internet, in books and in documentary films, in my travels with my family. I discovered the dark side of the industrialized food system.

He looked the ugly side of agribusiness in the face and made some good choices and is very articulate about sharing his findings.

It seems he’s taught his 6 year old cousin that he shouldn’t eat ‘sparkly’ cereal.

An excellent early lesson in nutrition.


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