It only matters what works for you.

Technicians and Artists

A tale of 2 Chiropractors.

I’ve seen chiros on and off for several years. I’m not sure that everything and anything can be solved with chiropractic, but it does an excellent job of keeping your spine and joints properly aligned so you can move as you should.

After moving twice in 5 months you can imagine that I was somewhat out of alignment, to say the least. I hurt everywhere. The first health care professional I sought out after settling in was a new chiropractor. I got a recommendation from someone in my husband’s office. Even covered by my insurance. Jackpot.

He was the jackpot. He is an artist. He has the ‘gift’.

We all know people who have the gift for something. They may not be as technically proficient (although this doctor is) but they get it. They move more beautifully, sing more soulfully, understand the issue without explanation, or fix that weird rattle your car has made for years that no one else could figure out.

My new chiropractor solved my moving related problems over a few short weeks, and then started fixing some issues I had before I even moved. It was wonderful.

Was. Did you see that little word sneak in?

The company changed our insurance. Its still excellent as insurance goes and I’m still grateful to have it, but my amazing chiropractor is no longer covered, and the budget says I really need to get most of my care through the insurance.

Ok. He’s far from the only chiropractor here. There must be someone else who will be fine.

I interviewed someone else yesterday. wince. not good. This guy is a technician. He has a nifty little machine that runs sensors over your spine and tells him where things are messed up. He asked some very basic questions and seemed frustrated at my attempt to explain in detail. (Me, talk too much? How could you say that?) Then he adjusted my neck, hurt my wrists and said my knee issue was soft tissue and he couldn’t help me with it. And sent me on my way. Today things are more sore than when I went in.

A bit of a shock to my system. I feel like I’d gotten used to eating at the local home grown organic family run restaurant and then suddenly stopped at Boston Market. Fine for what it is I guess, but its not all that and its not at all the same thing.

It made me realize how many of the physicians I’ve had bad experiences with in the past have been  technicians rather than artists. Its all check boxes and equations but not enough ‘how are you really feeling’.

The horrible thing is, most of the artists seem to be opting out of the insurance system because the rules just don’t let them do what needs to be done for actual healing.

I wonder how things worked before the bean counters and the technicians made health care a for-profit volume business? Any stories?


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