It only matters what works for you.

Where is the problem?

I’ve been thinking about dieting again. Something I expect I have in common with most of the women in my country. Its a documented national problem.

I think dieting is like fixing a leaky pipe with duct tape. Does it work? Of course it does. For a while, in most cases, and up to a point. Eventually the tape will wear, or the sticky will give out, or the water pressure will be too high, and the leak will come back.

The only reasonable way for a long term fix is to repair or replace the pipe.

Society has told us that our fat is the pipe, and dieting is a fix. If we just spend an hour every day working out and measure every mouthful of food we eat forever, there’s a reasonable chance that you can keep off the weight you take off.

If it has to be tended that carefully, I’m inclined to believe that it’s a patch, not a fix.

What if, instead, we realize that fat is the leak in the pipe. It isn’t the leak that’s broken. It works as a perfectly good leak after all. It’s the pipe that has the problem.

My goal is to figure out where the pipes are broken and why.

It’s much easier with pipes.

When they test your TSH (the current completely idiotic gold standard test for thyroid) what they are actually testing is your pituitary having a response to your thyroid. Only your T4 and T3 levels say anything about what the thyroid is actually doing. When they test only your T4, that only tests how much your thyroid is producing, not if your body is actually doing anything useful with those hormones. When the test your reverse T3, that tells us what my body has been doing with the T4 it produces, but not WHY, or where the system failure.

Its taken me years and research and going outside the medical system to learn that much.

I guess my next blog may need to be a rant about how we’re supposed to have the best medical system in the world, yet I have to do my own research and circumvent the system and fight for more than 20 years to start improving  my health at a basic level.


Comments on: "Where is the problem?" (6)

  1. I absolutely LOVE your new blog! I so agree with you of course; dieting is just a bandaid that ultimately leads to regain, insanity or an eating disorder. In my experience, the only ‘diets’ that work are ones that are actually based on wholefood nutrition. Diets that are focused only on cutting protein, fat or carbs usually do not work long term, because the human body knows that it needs all three macronutrients.

    • Thanks for posting Lynn! Its quite a complement since you are one of the people who have taught me a lot in my quest to figure out what the heck is broken!

  2. Well your writing is excellent of course, and the topics are very interesting too.

  3. Well you just explained the T3 T4 tests to me better than anyone ever has. I am so with you on the need to go “off road” as far as the American medical system is concerned. It is just broken on so many levels and was never working to get “broke” in others.

    Did you know that med students are not even required to take any courses in nutrition?


    Anyway, looking forward to reading here.


    • I did know that med students aren’t required to study nutrition. I think its actually tragic that the food we eat isn’t considered to be relevant to our health.
      Thanks for posting!

      • Yeah, I can’t decide if the lack of nutrition training is a good or bad thing, since the training would be all food pyramid, eat lots of healthy whole grains and avoid saturated fat bs.

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